I am a software developer and musician leading the digital department at USC Radio Group, a radio network that operates the nonprofit, listener-supported Classical KDFC in San Francisco and Classical KUSC in Los Angeles. I am a technical lead who can code, produce and manage. When I code, I use Ruby on Rails or NodeJS for app platforms, Wordpress for e-commerce sites, Swift for iPhone / Apple TV apps, React Native for Android apps. When I manage teams and projects, I use Agile processes such as Kan Ban or Scrum to produce software. I am very comfortable with managing decentralized teams online. In fact, my favorite thing to do is work with other talented artists (from around the globe) to create new and noteworthy products. I work regularly with art directors, journalists, copywriters, UIX designers, illustrators, animators, sound designers, Scrum managers and other software engineers. I am passionate about music, technology and world travel. Feel free to contact me and say hello!
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